Use Cases

Below are the most commonly used applications of our codes.

We encourage you to be creative, come up with your own ideas, and share them with us at


With coupon codes, you benefit an effective facebook promotion, while your customers enjoy a treat of your choice




Give your customers discounts via codes, while they give you back facebook promotions – everybody wins! The discount can be absolute [$] or relative [%]




Should you choose to conduct a lottery, give your customers lottery cards via codes, and enjoy an enhanced facebook exposure




Conduct a mobile advertisement campaign via codes. Upon scanning your code, your Ad will show up on the mobile screen, whether it’s a static text, photo, video, website or any other interactive content you desire


Place your registration codes virtually anywhere, and give your potential customers a way to register for more information, special contents, promotions, etc.



Business Cards

Embed your contact code on your business card. A recipient can scan your code to import your contact information immediately, send you an e-mail, etc.



Big Box Retailers

Manufacturers can provide ‘how-to’ videos via codes placed on products, product boxes, etc. These codes introduce a modern yet green alternative for the printed manuals


Magazine Ads

Attach a code to your magazine Ad to allow access to an exclusive content, a ‘how to’ video, a calendar item, etc.




Interactive Television

Turn your TV show from passive to interactive by incorporating codes that reveal additional information to the active viewer




Add codes to books in order to provide additional (maybe visual) content to the printed word




Recipe Books

To each recipe, attach a code that links to a ‘how-to’ video by the chef




House For Sale

Add your ‘Sale’ Ad a code that launches a video tour, or a photo gallery of the property



Bus Stops

Place codes on Bus stops and Train stations to engage the passenger by providing schedule and route information as well as promotional contents



Manufacturer can embed a code on each toy to create an ongoing experience.  e.g., the customer can get updated on the trendiest Barbie accessories, each time she scans her Barbie code


Can’t find the instructions for the vacuum cleaner you bought two years ago? Well, scan the code printed on the vacuum cleaner, and get directed to the online manual

Historical / Art Exhibitions

Imagine an art gallery that has dozens of different codes that reveal different pieces of art



Restaurant Menus

Place a code on your restaurant menus to provide a quick access to the nutrition information of your dishes, the chef’s recommendations, some new dishes promotions, etc.


Add product codes to your catalog to provide additional information such as ‘how-to’ videos, articles, comparisons, reviews, etc.



Call Us! / Email Us!

Upon scanning your contact code, a call to your business will be immediately placed, or an e-mail form will pop up


There’s An App for That

Got a genius world changing app? Place an app code on your web page to allow a quick download to any smart-phone platform


Provide an easy way for your customers to check in at your business. They can get someting out of it too!



Direct potential customers to your business by placing direction-codes virtually everywhere. These directions can integrate with Google Maps