About us

Launched in August 2011, Kupoya is a SoLoMo (Social+Location+Mobile) platform, which enables the customer or user to become the advertiser, and helps brands and businesses to really harness the true power behind the social life

So what is Kupoya? And what are we doing?


As mentioned above, we help brands to really harness the true power behind the social life.

What is this true power?

One of the most big issues today for the big social networks is how to monetize mobile, how to give the best UX while targeting users for ads and promotions.

When you think about it, the best, and original, advertisement is word-of-mouth. So the solution will be to get people to talk about you Right?!? Yes!

Kupoya enables management of multiple campaigns and mobile-friendly micro-sites under a single platform. This platform was especially designed to make it incredibly easy and intuitive to launch effective mobile-based viral campaigns.

The viral effect, which is crucial to get the word going, is basically “I tell my friends something, and they tell their friends and so on and and so on… But, brands like to be in control of how and who is talking about them, so we put the control in their hands.

Keeping in mind, that no good marketing and advertisement engine is worth anything without deep and inclusive analytics and intelligence. Natural to say, we don’t only provide brands and businesses with the status of all the campaigns in real time, we provide business intelligence in order for them to best figure out what their next steps will be, and take them smartly.

Here are some key points I’d like to tell you about:

  1. We are a platform, not an app! This means that your crowd can get to us from anywhere, a QR code, an NFC tag, a button on a website, actually we can transform traditional mediums into interactive digital media. Where print, mobile, web and Social converge.

  2. We unify all the tools under one roof. The management and analytics of all the campaigns are on the same platform

  3. We have embedded fraud and security features all over the place

  4. Also, very important, we provide a branded experience for brands. Cause branding is their life.

Let’s talk about some more facts:

  • Social media marketing costs, and costs well.

  • We all know that Likes today are different than what they used to be.

  • And last but not least, why focus on one network?

What I’m trying to say is, that of course we believe we solved all of the problems which arose from these facts…

In fact, when we did a case-study for a local business, we discovered that 119 people spread the word and eventually 62,162(!) people were potentially exposed to that… Word.

We also have a very flexible yet firm (if that’s logical J) business model, we would love to tell more about it. The idea behind it is putting the brand in control

You want to know more facts?

  • Auto posting by the brand decreases like and comments by 70%

  • 57% of consumers Like a page because they want promotions and discounts -> with kupoya, you don’t need to like a page

  • 32% of followers on Twitter ReTweet when offered incentive

  • 78% of women are happy to share what brand they prefer, compared to 74% of men

  • 88% of shoppers would use coupons if they were personal relevant and available in-store, this is where NFC and QR play a role