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Why Kupoya?

  • Open Technology (QR codes, NFC, browser)

  • Easy creation, management,and tracking of campaigns. In real-time

  • Multiple campaigns, Re-seller option

  • Comprehensive analytics & reports

  • Effective for the business, Fun for the user

  • No apps, No software

  • Branded experience

  • Embedded fraud security

  • Out of the 6 billion people on the planet 4.8 billion have a mobile and only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush

kupoya’s business model leverages and integrates three burning trends to create a powerful and effective advertising platform:

  • The unmatched popularity and traffic to the social network facebook

  • The massive and rapidly growing usage of smartphones

  • QR code increased awareness and the top usage motivator

Our advanteges:

  • Simple to use and custom branding

  • Effective exposure

  • Measurable

  • Embedded fraud protection

  • Lead capture off hours

  • Go Green and reduce printing

  • Easy data integration

  • Low set up and monthly costs

  • Cloud based – No software to install

  • Fun!

  • Here are some statistics and facts:

    • There are more than 1 billion (!) active users on Facebook
    • There are more than 700 million active users accessing Facebook through their mobile devices
    • 50% of all active users log on to Facebook in any given day
    • Average user has ~200 friends
    • People spend over 900 billion minutes per month on Facebook
    • People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users
    • There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products

    more statistics…


    • Nielsen reports that 31% of US mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of December 2010, and expect smartphones to become the majority by the end of 2011. eMarketer predictsthat smartphone ownership will reach 43% of the US mobile population by 2015.
    • According to figures for 2010 releasedby Gartner, smartphones accounted for 297 million (19%) of the 1.6 billion mobile phones sold that year. That’s 72.1% more smartphone sales than in 2009.
    • The same company expectsUS sales of smartphones to grow from 67 million in 2010 to 95 million in 2011, and become the highest-selling consumer electronic device category.
    • For Q4 2010, the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker putssmartphone sales at 100.9 million, up some 87% over Q4 2009. They report total smartphone sales for 2010 as 302.6 million, up around 74% on 2009.
    • The Coda Research Consultancy predict global smartphone sales of some 2.5 billion over the 2010-2015 period, and also suggestthat mobile Internet use via smartphones will increase 50 fold by the end of that period.
    • Morgan Stanley Research estimatessales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012.
    • Gartner expectover 500 million smartphones to sell in 2012.

    Gathered by By Mark Brownlow, March 2011,

    MGH has conducted an online survey to gauge awareness and usage of QR codes among smartphone users. The online survey of 415 smartphone users was conducted on the Vision Critical Springboard America panel. 32% of respondents said they have used a QR code, and 70% percent said they plan to use a QR code again or for the first time. For both those that have used one and those that plan to use one the top motivator (image below) in scanning a code is to secure a coupon (53%) or discount (87%). The MGH survey also found that 72% of smartphone users would be likely to recall an ad with a QR code. Full survey results here (PDF).

    Summarized by Roger, March 2011,

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    What we offer...

    We offer our clients a variety of effective marketing strategies for enriching their campaigns and maximizing exposure to any content they wish to promote. Below are the currently supported core strategies.


    Mobile News Feed – Optimized!



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